Minn Kota Trolling Motors

The founder of Minn Kota, O.G. Schmidt, invented the first gear-driven electric trolling motor in 1934 to fill the need for more boat control. His product took off, and he established the Minn Kota brand. Named after the states that held his home waters, Minnesota and North Dakota, the company had has risen from humble beginnings to a juggernaut in the trolling motor world.

Minn Kota trolling motors logo

They have various lines of trolling motors for fresh and saltwater environments including bow mount and transom mount models for each environment.  These trolling motors range from pretty rudimentary setups to trolling motors with all of the bells and whistles. Many of these trolling motors now come with the option for i-Pilot GPS control.

Minn Kota Product Lines

Minn Kota offers several rather confusing sets of products, including options and features for:

  • Operating in freshwater and saltwater
  • Bow mount, transom mount, and engine mount
  • Hand control, cable control, electric control, and wireless control

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