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Fishing Tech, the Best Tech

Fishing technology is as old as fishing itself. All anglers fall somewhere on the technology spectrum (OK, noodling practitioners being the exception), ranging from fly fishers with only a rod and reel, all the way to deep-sea fishermen armed with GPS auto-piloted, radar-equipped, EPIRB-protected, downriggered trolling monsters. To each his or her own.

We take a nuanced view of fishing technology, adopting as much as possible the ethos of Appropriate Technology. Where possible we embrace a cleaner, greener path to leave our waterways and fisheries cleaner that previous generations.

Fishing is emblematic of all human pursuits, and above all, we're curious to see where the technology takes us. Like all technology sectors, the best fishing technology is that which channels intuitiveness and leverages great design to get out of the angler's way, allowing him or her to become one with the fish.

Fish Finder Icon

Wired and wireless data hubs gather sonar transducer and satellite GPS data to detect, locate, and visualize fish for anglers of all experience levels.

Trolling Motor icon

The autopilots of medium and small fishing craft, these electric motors can leverage GPS data to help anglers find, stalk and stay on fish.

Pedal Kayak Icon

A 21st-century revolution in pedal-powered drives has transformed familiar craft into the future's ultimate mobile fishing platforms.

Fishing App Icon

Software applications have become synonymous with fishing tech, with mobile appearing in conjunction with every fishing technology.