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Learning Center

Give people fish to feed them for the day.

Teach them to fish to feed them for a lifetime.

Tech Buyer's Guides

Advice on features to consider, popular use cases, and quick tips when buying your next fishing tech.

Bill's Guides

Fishing tips from FishingTech resident guide Bill Bernhardt, who takes us beyond what technology can reveal. 

Fishing the Solunar Cycle Like a Pro

Fishing with Wind Speed and Direction

Fishing Using Barometric Pressure

A Matter of Degrees: Fishing by Water Temp

 An Angler's Ally: Fishing with the Tides as Tools

Care Guides

Learn fishing tech maintenance to better protect and extend the life of your tech.

Winterizing Guide for 2018

Stuff for Kids

Care and respect for the natural world starts at the youngest ages.

U.S Fish & Wildlife Fishing ABC's Printable Coloring Book