Lowrance Elite-5 Ti Review

Lowrance Elite-5 TI fish finder

Anglers have a tendency to want the very best when it comes to their fish finders and if this means going over the budget to fuel a hobby, many people are willing to take the chance and see it as a long-term investment. While it might not always be the best option, once you do find the right fish finder, you will be grateful in the end.

The Lowrance Elite-5 Ti fish finder is one of those gifts you might buy for yourself impulsively and thank yourself later for the purchase. It comes with all the latest technology, including Wi-Fi connectivity and a StructureScan sonar to perfectly paint a picture of exactly what is going on underneath the water and which fish are passing by.

Elite-5 Ti Key Features


The Lowrance Elite-5 Ti features a 5-inch backlit display and this backlight feature has been included for nighttime use and the occasional ice fishing. It also helps make the display easier to read with direct sunlight beaming down on those hot summer days. It also features a clear screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixels to display the faintest of fish and objects in the water.

One of the main features of this device is the fact that it can be operated on the screen self. This touchscreen feature can be operated with one hand and all of the settings are clearly visible on the sidebar for the user to choose. While no multi-window function is included, the screen has the ability to display the sonar and the most important stats like the temperature and the depth.

Sonar and Transducer

The Lowrance Elite-5 Ti features a CHIRP sonar that operates on a frequency of 83/200 kHz, but with DownScan Imaging, the frequency is 455/800 kHz and this can be navigated between if needed. It also includes a StructureScan feature and this operates at a frequency of 50/200 kHz, but using this feature will require you to invest in the optional TotalScan transducer at an additional price.

No Ice Machine upgrade has been included as upgrades, meaning that they have been included and with the TotalScan transducer, you should be able to catch in icy water as well. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the fish finder has a maximum depth range of 1000-feet.

Internet Connectivity

The Lowrance Elite-5 Ti is one of the first Lowrance fish finders to give users access to the internet. This feature enables the user to connect wirelessly to any internet source and browse the online shop to purchase new maps or use Insight maps that have been custom created. The GoFree cloud system is designed to enable the user to share their maps and favorite fishing locations with other app users. The Lowrance Elite-5 connects to the internet with a built-in wireless adapter to upgrade maps and share details.


No fishing trip will ever be the same without a GPS and the Lowrance Elite-5 Ti features a highly sensitive GPS antenna. It includes multiple different maps of US Lakes, rivers, and the coastline, while also featuring the Insight Genesis feature that enables users to build their very own custom maps of their favorite fishing locations.

Users are able to plot around 3000 different waypoints and this can now be shared online into the GoFree cloud app as well. These maps can all be upgraded and these upgrades include the Navionics Gold, Platinum+, and Navionics+ charts as well as the C-MAP MAX-N/N+ maps for more functionality for the fish finder.

Additional Features

  • Insight Genesis enables users to create their very own maps
  • TrackBack features can be used to rewind the sonar
  • 1 MicroSD card slot for more storage space
  • Includes a quick release bracket
  • Can be upgraded with the TotalScan Transducer to build better underwater pictures

Elite-5 Ti Review

Overall Quality

The Lowrance Elite-5 Ti excels when looking at the quality of the design. The fish finder is not all that big and still small enough to fit into most pockets. It has been backlit to make it ideal for nighttime fishing as well as to combat the glare caused by the sun on the display. We love the durability and with a waterproof rating of IPX7, this fish finder has the ability to resist one meter of water for up to 30 minutes and those splashes on the screen should not really do any damage.

The transducer works perfectly in cold-water conditions as well, which means that you will save some additional cash by not having to invest in an upgrade pack or a different transducer. Should you store the boat, the quick-release mount can be used to quickly dismount the fish finder for security purposes and keep it safe on your person.


In terms of the overall performance, this is certainly one of the top Lowrance fish finders on the market today. It comes fully equipped with internet connectivity, making upgrades that much easier and simpler to do. Thanks to the highly sensitive antenna, getting lost or losing your way is virtually impossible and with all the different frequencies, one might be spoiled for choice when it comes to casting or dropshotting.

The easy-to-use touchscreen definitely simplifies the use of the fish finder and navigating to settings will now take less time than having to rely on buttons to go up and down. It’s ideal for when sand and dust might get in between the buttons and they could potentially be damaged, while the screen can simply be wiped down.



The GPS and mapping capabilities are excellent and the fish finder already contains maps of more than 3000 different locations all based in the US. You will be able to upgrade this and download more on your MicroSD card if needed and placing waypoints is now not only for you, but they can be shared online with the GoFree cloud system.

Insight Genesis is one of our favorite features to create your very own custom maps and save them for future use. On these maps, the user has the ability to plot waypoints as well as save their favorite hotspots of locations rich in big fish. The only downside is that the fish finder is already expensive and all of the maps needs to be purchased online.

Elite-5 Ti Pros and Cons



  • Highly sensitive and accurate GPS antenna
  • Includes wireless internet access
  • Maps and hotspots can now be shared
  • The touchscreen is easy to operate
  • Includes a quick-release bracket
  • Limited 1-year warranty
  • The fish finder is at the high end of pricing
  • Upgrades are costly

Product Comparison

Other Products in the Line

The Lowrance Elite-5 Ti is certainly considered as a high-end fish finder, it has all the features you will find in some of the top fish finders on the market today and it sits right at the top when looking at some of the other Lowrance fish finders. With top range GPS capabilities and the online access, the only downside might be the smaller screen.

Other Manufacturers

By adding the internet access feature, the price has also increased significantly and this means that the Lowrance Elite-5 Ti does have a ton of new competition to deal with. One of these new competitive products is the stylish Humminbird HELIX 9 DI GPS Fishfinder designed with a simple touch feature and top quality GPS.

The Humminbird HELIX 9 DI GPS Fishfinder is a little larger with a massive 9-inch display system that can be changed to split-screen mode. It is easy to operate with only 3 programmable buttons but lacks the wireless connectivity feature. This fish finder will require you to use an Ethernet cable if you need to upgrade the maps and the software.

See our Humminbird HELIX 9 review.

The Simrad GO5 XSE 5″ Fishfinder features the same sized display system and also operates using the touchscreen feature. However, it does not have internet access and while the display is 5-inches, the fish finder is a little oversized. It is around the same price as the Lowrance Elite-5 TI but does not have all of the same features. It should be a decent cheaper alternative if you cannot afford the extra $50.

The Bottom Line

A great fish finder relies on several common aspects and the Lowrance Elite-5 Ti has tried to capture as many of these crucial features as possible. The design still has some room for improvement, but the consensus is that of great quality. The only problem might be the price and with so many larger fish finder at cheaper prices, one might be tempted to ignore the touchscreen feature and the internet access.

Fishing Tech happily gives the Lowrance Elite-5 Ti an overall rating of A and we would recommend it to the serious angler looking for a combination of simplicity and quality in their fish finder.