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Lowrance Fish Finders

Lowrance Company History

Based out of Oklahoma, Lowrance is an electronics manufacturer specializing in fish finders, GPS units and digital mapping technology. The company was founded in 1957 by Carl Lowrance, who pioneered the portable fish sounder concept. After a couple false starts, the company introduced the iconic Little Green Box in 1959.

The Little Green Box quickly became a legend.

Although its technology was leapfrogged in short order by a quick-moving industry and by Lowrance itself, the Little Green Box sold more than a million units from launch in 1959 through 1984. The success of that one iconic product cemented its position among fish finder manufacturers.

In 2006, Lowrance merged with Simrad Yachting under the new umbrella called Navico, now seen as the world's largest leisure marine electronics company. 

Lowrance Product Offerings

Lowrance offers several distinct fish finder lines, including the HOOK, HOOK2, Elite Ti, HDS Gen3 and HDS Carbon series. 

The HOOK and HOOK2 target beginning anglers, with several small-screen models available that are also suitable for rough-and-tumble kayak and canoe types. The HOOK and HOOK2 series range in screen sizes from a diminutive 3-inch model up to 9 inches.

The Elite Ti series is squarely targeted at intermediate-level anglers, with screen sizes ranging from 7 inches to 9 inches, and technology significantly more advance than what's available for the HOOK or HOOK2.

The HDS Gen3 and HDS Carbon series have advanced anglers in mind. Launched in 2008 and reflecting access to higher order technology that came with the company's merger, the HDS line incorporated advanced features including 3D imaging, AIS, realtime weather, and more. It's top of the line stuff

In 2017, keen on addressing the stationary shore angler market, Lowrance launched its FishHunter castable sonar line. The company claims it offers the most complete range of sonar products for every category of angler. It's a claim that's frankly difficult to dispute given the company's wide-ranging product lineup.

Lowrance Fish Finder Reviews