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Deeper Fish Finders

Deeper’s a bit of an upstart manufacturer of castable fish finders that really set themselves apart from a crowded field when the company launched a couple years back. The founders’ idea for a fish finder wasn’t new but they have done well for themselves with polished offerings.

Deeper was the talk of CES 2016 and have since come out with multiple models of the castable transducer that all sync wirelessly with Deeper’s slick app available on iOS and Android. The company’s devotion to quality materials and craftsmanship in the product itself really set Deeper apart.

Deeper’s Product Line

PRO Series

Deeper’s PRO Series is the company’s premier product line, consisting of the PRO model, a WiFi-enabled castable unit, and the PRO+, which builds on the PRO’s specs and adds GPS.


Deeper’s START series is a more recent product, a sonar-only unit intended to compete more directly with lower-tier castable fish finders.

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