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DIY Fishing Tech Mods

The best tech is DIY fishing tech. The forefront of technological advancement isn’t found in some electrical engineer or software developer’s office. It’s out there, on the water, in the form of some zip tied or duct-taped solution to an angler’s problem. Fishing tech modders and makers of the world, untie!

DIY Not? The Cheaper Side of Kayak Modifications

Pool noodle kayak mods - is there anything they can't do?

We’re not really sure what it is about the sport, or the personalities attracted to it, but it seems that you can more or less paint certain types of fishers with broad strokes. Noodlers don’t mind getting their hands dirty. The hardcore trollers will invest some effort if it means a hefty return. And the one thing that kayak anglers love more than fishing is modifying their boats.

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