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Fishing Tech Profiles

No two anglers are alike, and that extends to their tech preferences. In this series of articles we talk to anglers about how they made their tech selections, including reasons they avoid some technology. It’s a fascinating look into the mind of other anglers that embodies the phrase, “to each their own.”

FishingTech Profile: Kwanza Henderson of the Johnson Outdoors Pro Staff

kwanza henderson

Kwanza Henderson first learned a love of fishing from his father, who passed away when Kwanza was only 5 years old. The passion for fishing stuck with the Miami-based Kwanza ever since, and became a way for the two men to connect.

“When I’m fishing, whether it’s from a kayak or if it’s land, that is a time that I really get to spend time with my father,” Kwanza said in Yaktastic Adventures’ featurette We Yak Too.

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FishingTech Profile: Steve Moore of Kayak Hacks Fishing

Steve Moore is FishingTech’s spirit animal. An avid pedal kayak angler, we first stumbled across his YouTube channel, Kayak Hacks Fishing, back in March in our post on cheap DIY kayak mods.

To put it simply, Steve never appears to accept a problem or inconvenience without a fight. Not enough leverage on your kayak’s steering? Hack the rudder handle. Want an anchor trolley on your kayak, but don’t want to go through the hull? Steve’s got you. Need a quick and dirty hull repair to make it through the rest of a season’s keel dragging? No problem!

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FishingTech Profile: Ryan Collins of

Ryan Collins was born to fish the diverse waters of Cape Cod. He grew up about 150 yards from Cape Cod Bay and about a mile from Cape Cod Canal, and caught his first mackerel at 5 years old with his dad.

As a teen, Ryan got a job in a bait shop and started working fishing charters, and has more or less never looked back from the fishing lifestyle.

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