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Tech Innovation

Most fishing technologies are iterative of what’s come before, but some technologies approach a fishing challenge in a new way. You might call it hare-brained, but we call it innovation. Three cheers for the fishing tech innovators!

Time to Get Down with a Kayak Downrigger? Yes, Obviously

pedal kayak downrigger

Trolling isn’t just for Donald Trump on Twitter. It’ll put your mind at ease, pass some time, and put some fish on the table for dinner. Last week we wrote about getting out multiple lines behind your vessel with the use of planer boards. But sometimes, the fish you’re after don’t like to swim near the surface. Sometimes you have to sink a line deep.

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Bored on the Water? It’s Time to Get Your Bowfishing On

Fishing is classic. Humans have been doing it for millennia. Sure you might customize, reorganize, or self-aggrandize, but at the end of the day, you’re getting a fish to bite a hook and then you’re reeling it in. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right?

Well, the population of bowfishers might have something to say about that. Bowfishing is undoubtedly the heavy metal genre of the sport. Is it easy to catch a fish by hitting it with an arrow? No. Is it necessary? Definitely not. Is it downright epic? 100% yes.

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Pedal Kayak Fly Fishing: Abomination or Wave of the Future?

With fly fishing comes a kind of singular purity, a devotion to tradition, and the pride of being set in your ways. It’s like telemark skiing, or distilling your own whiskey for fun—not out of necessity. Fly fishers don’t go out to catch a buzz; they catch fish (mainly because we’re still waiting on waders that come with cup holders). For this reason, there’s a good many fly fishers out there who consider pedal kayak fly fishing to be nothing short of sacrilege.

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