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Tech Innovation

Most fishing technologies are iterative of what’s come before, but some technologies approach a fishing challenge in a new way. You might call it hare-brained, but we call it innovation. Three cheers for the fishing tech innovators!

Why Are Anglers So Entrepreneurial?

cast pack

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in the sport of fishing. It turns out that the people who like to head out on their own or with just a few others into isolated lakes, rivers, or stretches of ocean also like to be their own bosses and make their own way in the world.

And for some, living the dream means combining the two ventures – fishing and business – into one.

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It’s Time for Fishing Video Games to Dream Bigger

Grand Theft Auto fishing

When winter rolls in here in North America, it often spells the end of the fishing season. Sure, the fish don’t stop biting, and there’s plenty of opportunity to still get out in southern climes much as you would during the summer.

But sitting out in the cold rain and snow for hours doesn’t elicit the same relaxed vibes as the summer sun. You also need to sit out longer. Fish are cold blooded and far less energetic in cold water.

Sure, there’s always ice fishing, but that requires a thick layer of ice and Colonial Puritan-level resolve to stick it out in the cold, both of which seem to be currently in short supply. Plus, you need to pick up the right portable fish finder you can adapt to the job.

To scratch the fishing itch, another pastime might draw your attention: fishing video games.

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Some Anglers Need to Power Down Their 3D Printers and Try Walmart Instead

3D Printer

Over the past few years, a happy marriage of sport and technology has emerged between fishing and 3D printing. We wrote earlier about some of the designs—realized or not—of 3D printed lures. But recently, there’s been some trouble in paradise. Or maybe more accurately, one member of this relationship has been doing all the yard work while the other sits around watching football.

We don’t want to name names, but a few YouTubers have been showing up in our feeds with 3D printed technology that has existed for centuries. These items are generally 1) widely produced 2) very cheap and 3) for sale at pretty much every local tackle shop and/or Walmart.

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