The 2020 Hobie Outback Is Worth the Extra $250

2020 Hobie Outback Rails

As recently experienced by a number of Apple users, next generation launches of old products can be a great excuse for manufacturers to do little to improve product design while doing a lot to increase the cost.

When anglers heard about the revamp of the 2020 Hobie Outback, more than a few likely had their doubts. The company has, after all, released new generations of the Outback without changing much.

That is not the case this time. With the redesign, it feels like the company truly took time to figure out what anglers didn’t like about the 2018 and older models and did what they could to change it.

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Back in Mid-September

Gone Fishing

Hey guys, FishingTech is taking a couple weeks off to soak up San Francisco’s late August/early September summer. We’ll be back online in mid-September.

Happy Fishing!

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