Line-Attached Fishing Cameras Get Amazing Footage. What’s the Catch?

Fishing line camera

In a recent video, the angler behind Fisherman’s Life set out to catch some lingcod on an unidentified stretch of shore somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. He brought along some new camera equipment to capture this trip: an Okuma Water Wolf Under Water HD Camera.

On the first cast, the YouTuber in question got amazing footage of a seal curiously following his bait. On the second, he got his line snagged twice. He lost his bait reeling in, but the Okuma survived. Continue reading

FishingTech Profile: Steve Moore of Kayak Hacks Fishing

Steve Moore is FishingTech’s spirit animal. An avid pedal kayak angler, we first stumbled across his YouTube channel, Kayak Hacks Fishing, back in March in our post on cheap DIY kayak mods.

To put it simply, Steve never appears to accept a problem or inconvenience without a fight. Not enough leverage on your kayak’s steering? Hack the rudder handle. Want an anchor trolley on your kayak, but don’t want to go through the hull? Steve’s got you. Need a quick and dirty hull repair to make it through the rest of a season’s keel dragging? No problem!

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Sort of Like a Metal Detector, But for Fish

The Holloways' Hand-Held Fish Finder Patent

In our quest to better understand fishing technology, we’re often poring through Google Patents late at night. Especially after a beer or two. Don’t judge us!

Sometimes we stumble across a bit of a mystery. We poke around on the interwebs, but just can’t seem to get an answer.

Such is the case of the 1964 US patent #US3123798A, un-inspiringly titled FISH FINDER.

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