Some Anglers Need to Power Down Their 3D Printers and Try Walmart Instead

3D Printer

Over the past few years, a happy marriage of sport and technology has emerged between fishing and 3D printing. We wrote earlier about some of the designs—realized or not—of 3D printed lures. But recently, there’s been some trouble in paradise. Or maybe more accurately, one member of this relationship has been doing all the yard work while the other sits around watching football.

We don’t want to name names, but a few YouTubers have been showing up in our feeds with 3D printed technology that has existed for centuries. These items are generally 1) widely produced 2) very cheap and 3) for sale at pretty much every local tackle shop and/or Walmart.

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A Few Ideas for a DIY Trolling Motor

DIY trolling motor

Plenty of anglers operate with a mentality of ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.’ This mindset puts you on a path toward practical living and fiscal responsibility.

On the other end of the spectrum are the gear heads and the splurgers, folks who love to have the latest, greatest tech out on the water. Life is all about balance.

Somewhere in between these two poles are folks who like to tinker, who like to make things with their own hands, and who don’t like their standing with the IRS to get in the way of a good day of fishing. These are the folks who might be found making their own DIY trolling motor.

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