Pedal Kayak Fly Fishing: Abomination or Wave of the Future?

With fly fishing comes a kind of singular purity, a devotion to tradition, and the pride of being set in your ways. It’s like telemark skiing, or distilling your own whiskey for fun—not out of necessity. Fly fishers don’t go out to catch a buzz; they catch fish (mainly because we’re still waiting on waders that come with cup holders). For this reason, there’s a good many fly fishers out there who consider pedal kayak fly fishing to be nothing short of sacrilege.

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Imagine a Newer World

Imagine a newer world. A world in which all children grow up with a deep understanding of the life around them. Where all of us know the animals and plants of our own backyards as well as we know the televised Amazon rainforest, or better. Where the more high-tech our lives become, the more we experience nature in our lives. Where we come to all our senses, including our sense of humility. Where we feel more alive.

Richard Louv, IMAGINE A NEWER WORLD: A Vision of a Nature-Rich Future, One We Can Create Together

In his essay, Richard Louv shares his inspiring thoughts and hopes for a “Newer World.” He describes a world with humans living in harmony with nature. It’s a world where the fantastic beauty of nature enriches one’s life, where people truly care for the environment around them, where people are born into, live with and return to the land, sky, water and soil.

The article is beautiful and poetic, but also sad and a little shocking. Some as an ideal or utopian vision is of a world where people and nature live in harmony. Ultimately, it’s sad is that this lifestyle is disappearing and needs to be recreated.

When my family lived in the city, the opposite world was definitely our norm.

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Burn Your Outriggers! This Kayak Has a Deployable Fan Tail

Kayaks have been around for millennia, but it’s only recently that they’ve become one of the favorite vessels of anglers in bodies of water around the world. More recently still, the pedal drive kayak phenomenon has rolled in like a summer storm. These boats are totally lean and green. They are stealthy. And they’re sure easier and cheaper to deal with than a motorized vessel. But they also have their drawbacks.

Don’t listen to what they say: size matters. Most fishing kayaks are marketed so you can stand up in them. But even with the biggest, most stable fishing kayaks, weather conditions or large marine creatures can arrive and flip you like a renovated fixer-upper. And we’re not talking about the Joeys here. Experienced angler after angler has capsized his kayak in a variety of conditions. It really doesn’t take much.

One kayak designer has seen this problem and presented a solution. Inventor David Cameron (presumably not the former U.K. Prime Minister) holds dozens of patents, many of which relate to portable toilets. But in 2005, he turned his attention toward fishing kayaks. That year, he conceived the “Fishing kayak with a deployable tail.”

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