Shark Fear While Kayak Fishing? Zap It with an Electrical Field

Sharks. They’re scary. If you ask anyone who experienced peak childhood in the ‘70s what the scariest movie is, you’d think you’d hear lots of The Exorcist (1973) or The Shining (1980) or The Omen (1976). But for a lot of people, it’s ‘we’re going to need a bigger boat.’

It makes sense. Some animals are cute and cuddly. Some are stately. Others are the kind of creatures you’d want to take out for a beer. (We’re looking at you, flying squirrels.) But sharks simultaneously evoke the characteristics of stupidity and pure evil. They seem to be the figurative offspring of Martin Shkreli and the xenomorph from Alien.

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DIY Not? The Cheaper Side of Kayak Modifications

Pool noodle kayak mods - is there anything they can't do?

We’re not really sure what it is about the sport, or the personalities attracted to it, but it seems that you can more or less paint certain types of fishers with broad strokes. Noodlers don’t mind getting their hands dirty. The hardcore trollers will invest some effort if it means a hefty return. And the one thing that kayak anglers love more than fishing is modifying their boats.

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