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Greetings! My name is Andrew, and I’m the editor of FishingTech. I’m absolutely ecstatic to welcome you to our site.

FishTech features reviews of innovative technology for the modern angler, as well as guides for getting the most out of the fishing tech you have now. Our categories include fish finders, trolling motors and pedal kayaks, and soon we plan to add fishing cameras, fishing drones, and fishing apps.

We’re launching FishingTech with a core belief that technology and fishing are naturally complementary, and that exciting technology developments happening right now are changing the sport of fishing in surprising ways.

Now, we realize that not all fishing people are fans of using the latest technology in the sport they love. Many are purists who feel that fishing is best done with little more than a cane pole, a bobber, and a nightcrawler on a hook. More power to them!

On the flip side, not all tech people would ever dream of going fishing. Some just aren’t interested in the outdoors at all, let alone finding, catching and releasing fish. Their tech will stay dry and will last a lot longer for it. More power to them!

But we have a different take. We feel that fishing and tech are two great tastes that go great together. We believe that the fishing experience can be improved using well designed and properly operated technology, regardless of skill level. We believe that technology makes fishing possible for folks who otherwise wouldn’t participate due to disability. And maybe most importantly, we know that technology is becoming vital to help introduce fishing and the outdoors to a new generation of participants.

In the interest of full transparency, we will operate this side as a retail affiliate. When we review a piece of fishing tech, we’ll often include links to those retailers allowing our readers to click and see the price of that item. If that click leads to a purchase, we earn a small fee. We will in no way let that relationship cloud our opinion of any category of product, or change our reviews of any product in those categories.

We have a great team of talented writers scouring the web for the most up-to-date information on fishing technology, tips and tricks. I hope you get to know their voices as well as I have over the past months, and visit us often for more of their insightful takes.

In the meantime, happy fishing!


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