2018 State of the Tech: The Electric Outboard Motor

One of the best parts about getting out on the water early in the morning or late in the evening is the quiet. Nearby human neighbors are likely either asleep or otherwise occupied, and you’ve got nothing but the local fauna to fill the surrounding soundscape.

But if you’re relying on a gas-powered motor to get around, then you won’t be able to pick up on much besides the slap of a beaver’s tail, if that. 

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FishingTech Profile: Nam Nguyen

Nam Nguyen

Nam Nguyen is a freshwater angler living in the Minneapolis area going after largemouth bass and walleye. A fisherman since age four, he’s fished lakes, rivers and streams across the northern midwest and Canada. In the past few years, he’s been focusing on canoe and kayak fishing, competing in numerous tournaments.

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Zip Ties and Fishing: The DIY Go-To Turns 60

zip ties used for fishing

In the ‘50s, airplane manufacturers were beginning to have a problem. Aircraft were getting longer and bigger. They were increasing their carrying capacity and, with it, the electric wiring needed to adequately power the numerous devices and services aboard.

The going system to organize the thousands of feet of wire involved laying it down on 50’ plywood boards and holding it in place with braided nylon cord. Engineers hand to hand-tie each of these by wrapping them tightly around their fingers. Doing that a couple hundred times per plane would often cut their skin until they developed thick callouses, or ‘hamburger hands.’

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