Bathymetric Mapping and Underwater Ecosystem Health

Ecosystem Research



  • Information on the local underwater ecosystem


  • Science Notebook
  • Internet access (tablet, computer, etc)
  • Available books on the type of local underwater ecosystem


Show students either actual fish tank, video of fish tank or picture of a fish tank. Discuss.

Questions to answer:

  • What can fish tanks teach us about real world underwater ecosystems?
  • What limits are there to using a fish tank as a comparison tool?


During this portion of the unit, students will research their local underwater ecosystem and make some inferences about what type of wildlife the castable sonar/GPS unit was mapping based on their observations and nearby conditions. 

Along with their field trip maps, they will use this information to create a model of their choosing of the underwater ecosystem in their area. 


Once research is completed, students should compile their information to prepare a final copy model of their local underwater ecosystem.


Students should identify how each of the four spheres are involved in their model.  After identifying how each sphere is present in the model, have them identify how each sphere is connected to the others.


Use the final model as an assessment tool.