Bathymetric Mapping and Underwater Ecosystem Health

Lesson ④

Ecosphere Placement



  • Chart Paper OR Smart/Promethean Board where you can continually add information
  • KWL Chart that has been started for this unit already. 


  • Completed Spheres Map from Lesson 3
  • The Sea and Me Sheet `(Appendix 5)
  • Science Notebook


Show students a picture of a human. Ask how this relates to their local underwater ecosystem. Do humans fit into a sphere?


Using their Sphere Maps from Lesson 3, have students determine which sphere they belong in as humans.

Then, have them determine how they are connected to the other three spheres (atmosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere). What do they need from each?

Students should discuss and complete the Sea and Me sheet. 


Facilitate a class discussion on how humans from the biosphere are connected to all the other spheres in the local underwater ecosystem.


Revisit the KWL chart. Have students fill in facts on the learned side and discuss with their lab group. 


Use the discussion and Sea and Me as an assessment tool.