Bathymetric Mapping and Underwater Ecosystem Health

Lesson ①




  • Video/Photo/Information on your local underwater ecosystem
  • National Geographic Coral Reef Video:
National Geographic: Great Barrier Reef | Exploring Oceans

Video Source:


  • Science notebook
  • Venn Diagram OR Double Bubble Map (Choose one from Appendix 1)


Show students the Coral Reef Video from the materials section. Have a brief discussion on their initial ideas about the coral reef.

Discussion questions:

  • Is it important? 
  • What types of animals live there?
  • How do people know about these animals? 

Gather some information of what areas your students have prior knowledge. Then either show a picture/video/or have a discussion of your local underwater ecosystem.

Discussion questions:

  • What is it like? 
  • How is it similar to or different from the Coral Reef ecosystem depicted in the video?


Have students develop a Venn Diagram or Double Bubble Map to compare and contrast their local ecosystem and the coral reef. 


Have students discuss their comparisons.

  • How are they alike?
  • How are they different?
  • Are they both important? Why or Why not?


Pose these questions to students:

  • Do the two different underwater ecosystems relate at all? 
  • What are pieces of both that are the same or similar?


Use the discussion and comparison students made as an assessment tool.