About FishingTech

FishingTech launched in 2018 with a goal and a mission. Our goal to help anglers find and enjoy fishing technology. Our mission is to help everyone better connect to nature through technology.

We review and write about fishing gear, including fish finders, trolling motors, pedal kayaks, fishing apps, fishing cameras, and fishing drones.

We love clean tech and tech that helps folks fish who wouldn't otherwise!

Andrew operates FishingTech from the SF Bay Area.

Our Contributors

Ben Team

Ben writes about fishing, pets, outdoor recreation and other nature-related topics. An avid angler, Ben has spent his life learning the most creative ways to lose lures, fish and the occasional rod.

Ben lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his beautiful wife and spoiled rotten Rottweiler.

Henry Kronk

Henry grew up in Burlington, Vermont and first learned to fish in the waters of northern New England and Ontario. He has worked as a canoe guide on rivers in Canada, from the U.S. border to the Arctic Ocean. When the waters freeze in the winter, he heads to the mountains and makes do with his snowboard and/or skis. 

Henry currently resides in Montreal, Quebec.

Huston Heatherly

Huston is a professional writer of scientific education and outdoor activities including fishing, hunting, and backpacking. He takes a scientific approach to his writing thanks to a degree in microbiology and 3 years of PhD research experience.

Huston hails from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Sadie Marcheldon

Sadie runs a rural Canadian fishing camp that she built from the ground up a few years back. Her love of the outdoors came from a rural Saskatchewan upbringing and fond memories of fishing on handmade poles and digging clams. 

Sadie lives under the open skies of Monster Fish Lodge in Waldhof, Ontario.

Bill Bernhardt

Bill is a professional outdoor writer and author with nine books and over 1,500 outdoor articles to his credit. He's contributed to Southern Trout fly fishing eZine, American Outdoors magazine, and Surplus Today magazine. 

Bill runs the Harper Creek Fly Fishing Company in Lenoir, North Carolina, and instructs online at Harper Creek Outdoor Academy.

Jean Whitehead

Jean is a freelance writer and technology reviewer, doing in-depth technology reviews across multiple consumer electronics niches. He's an active health and training enthusiast, and tries to go on fishing at least every few weeks.

Jean hails from Potchefstroom, South Africa.

Norm Alioto

Norm is the associate editor for FishingTech, a role which marries his long career in software engineering to a lifelong passion for fishing. He grew up fishing halibut, striped bass, and rockfish along the eastern shores of San Francisco bay.

Norm resides in Alameda, California, within sight of those same waters.